Hi everyone!

Happy new year to all! We hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season! 2022 was a great year for us, our company saw a significant increase in customers. And in doing so we have been able to meet so many great new people! We believe 2023 will hold a lot of good things for us as well!

So far this year we have welcomed our brother Cory to the Crew and are looking to add another truck to our fleet! This does mean that some of your pickup times may change once we have him trained and out on his own. I know because of the long routes we have some have become accustomed to the afternoon pickups, we continue to ask that your trash is set out by 7am to avoid any missed pickups due to the route changes, but we will inform everyone more about this once it gets closer to time.

With all of these changes, we are also working hard to become BBB Accredited, and recently we found out we were nominated for The Best of the Springs 2023!

To become BBB Accredited we were advised it would help if our customers could submit reviews of our service. To do so you would follow the link below and submit your review. If you have written a review for us already on Facebook, Nextdoor, or anywhere else you could simply copy and paste.


If you would like to vote for us for The Best of the Springs, please follow the link and submit your vote. We are under the category of Trash Service! Voting ends February 5th 2023.


We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and kind words that is spread all over social media. We absolutely could not do any of this without our amazing customers!

Iron Knight Crew

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